Trunk Shield

Save on labor and materials while protecting trees from deer and herbicide spray.

Trunk Shield Information Sheet

Knives and Pruners


Save yourself $40 each time a set of pruners is lost or damaged. 

Tool Prices

Bamboo Stakes (natural)


3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft

Bamboo Prices

Bamboo Tie Tape


1/2" and 1"

For tying bamboo stakes

Bamboo Tape Prices

Burlap Squares


Square Sizes:

30in to 120in squares

Not sure which size to use with your basket?  Size chart available here.

Treated Burlap Prices

Plain Burlap Prices




1, 2, and 3 ply boxes available both plain and treated

Poly also available.

Twine Prices

Nursery Containers

Pot Sizes:

Haviland Plastics (HP) 075, HP100, HP175, HP275, HP 300, HP 500, HP700, HP1000, HP 1500, HP15T, HP2000, HP 2500 (pot in pot)

HP300, HP500, HP700, HP1000, HP1500, HP2000, HP3500

Container Prices

Ground Cover


3.2 oz Heavy Plastic Groundcover

$220 per roll

$190 per roll (10 or more rolls)

Ground Cover Prices

Stretch Ties

Sizes available:

10x1, 10x1/2, 6x1/2

Tan, Clear and Green

Save on labor by tying bamboo quickly.

Stretch Tie Prices

Hog Ring Staplers and Staples



11/16" C-Ring stapler and fasteners.  2,500 per box

Hog Ring Stapler and Staple Prices



Liners available through Cumberland Nurseries

The Reach Supplies warehouse is on Cumberland Nurseries' farm, so it's easy to pick up liners while you're here.

Quality growers of gallon & cell tray liners, bare root day lilies, privet, and forsythia.

Cumberland Nurseries